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Low Carb Diets and Weight Loss Plans or Weight Loss Programs

Welcome to theweightlosstruth.com a site that helps folks like you make informed decisions about their health, based on scientific research and actual product reviews. Our goal is to uncover the truth about diet products or programs, while also promoting Healthy Living. Healthy living means losing weight without harming the body or putting one’s health at risk.

Why the Weight Loss Truth?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching health information online, then you’re probably aware that advice is conflicting and that no one seems to agree on anything. All the experts are focused on selling products and therefore their opinions are based on personal experience and belief, rather than facts. At the Weight Loss truth we have developed a weight loss blog where you get the truth from real customers who have tried actual weight loss products or programs.

How do I know the reviews are from real people?

Great question! The best way to find out is to get involved by providing your own personalized feedback on products that either you have tried or someone you know has. Believe me, we can handle the truth and we prefer it… good or bad! In addition to checking out our reviews on the blog we also invite you to visit us on our social sites. We don’t just want to provide an online platform for sharing we also want to promote healthy living opportunities. That’s why from our social media sites you can find out about upcoming weight loss challenges or even join our groups. It is our belief that the only way to put a stop to all the weight loss spammers and false advertisements out there is for real people to engage and unite.

So what happens with the feedback on weight loss products/programs?

We review our blog frequently and collect statistical data on all reviews/comments. Once we reach a sufficient number of product review’s we then conduct additional research. This is where we investigate the product ingredients and program facts to determine if they are as good as advertised. If everything checks out then we will add it to the Weight Loss Truth’s Top Ten as a featured item. This becomes beneficial not just to you as a prospective customer, but also gives greater credibility to the Weight loss product or program advertised. In other words, everyone wins!

Now that you have a basic understanding of who we are and what our mission is we want to give you some practical tips as you begin your journey of transformation.

Are you losing weight or Fat?

Most programs Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Jenny Craig, encourage standing on the scales to find out your weight. This is important but….did you know that weight loss can be muscle, water (fluid), or fat? True and sustained weight loss is losing fat. Therefore, what you want to focus on is the measurement of your Body Fat percentage, tracking how it changes.

Since weight fluctuates due to hydration levels, scales are usually not the most accurate measurement. Instead we recommend determining your body weight by using measuring tape. You can also photograph your body weekly or even monthly. Finally, take a mental note of how well you are fitting into your clothes.

Now that you know what to focus on when it comes to weight how do you lose the weight?

  1. Nutrition: Make sure that your meal plan has healthy measured portions.
  2. Exercise: We definitely recommend cardio but again you decide what works best for you. When you exercise your muscles not only do you elevate your heart rate but you also burn those nagging calories.
  3. Consistent Process: Without having a regular schedule and system your results will vary.
  4. Personal goals: Set goals that you believe you can actually achieve. We recommend that you target 1-2 pounds per week. You can always increase your goal as you see yourself meeting your target consistently.
  5. Weight Training: If you are going to use a gym try to get with a personal trainer before beginning strenuous exercise. This will enable you to find out the correct method when training in order to avoid injuries. The benefit of weight training is that you avoid muscle weight loss, increase your calorie burn, while continuing muscle growth and repair.

While you can use any combination of these methods we recommend incorporating as many steps as possible. After all when it comes to losing weight the healthy way you want to have a balanced approach right? Also, feel free to use these steps when evaluating weight loss programs.

How effective are Weight Loss Programs?

Often people prefer to just browse around and come up with their own customized approach. Others may prefer books, audio tapes, or an assortment of other information gathering approaches. We are not here to try to convince you that Online Weight Loss programs are the only way. However, if you want to know whether online weight loss programs work we offer the following…

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) structured on-line weight loss programs are more effective than just pulling together an assortment of information. They state, “Participants who were given a structured behavioral treatment program with weekly contact and individualized feedback experienced better weight loss compared to those given links to educational Web sites.” (Vol. 285 No. 9, March 7, 2001).

Great… so how do I get started?

While we do want to reinforce the idea that there are good online weight loss programs…..we also want to encourage you to consider the following steps.

  1. Do your own research: There is tons of information on low-carb diets that will at least give you some basic principles.  Even with the use of an actual weight loss program you want to have supplemental information that eliminates common low carb myths.
  2. Begin with simple changes: As you become informed you will discover that there are a number of unhealthy carbs that you can begin to eliminate. Remember…as with the weekly weight loss goals you should set manageable targets.
  3. Determine which approach works best for you: There is no one-size fits all approach. We all have different body types, eating habits, etc. Although the majority of plans out there have a range of carb levels and food choices the majority eliminate sugars and starches. You can go to your local library to research information, bookstores, or you can purchase e-books online. E-books are usually less expensive because there is no printing cost.
  4. Familiarize yourself with healthy foods to eat: The human brain automatically associates diets with what you cannot eat. We encourage you to become familiar with what you can eat. Often, you can find a way to continue eating the same types of meal by simply changing cooking methods or substituting healthy alternatives.
  5. Plan your weekly food calendar: If you will be completely honest with yourself, we are impulsive by nature. Therefore, without a structured menu it is easy to begin to rationalize continuing bad habits. Bad habits are high carb, high sugar content, and often high starch. We wanted to make it easy by also listing some additional resources that will help you in preparing your weekly menu. If you are using a specific program then you can check to ensure that the suggested program menu is something that you can consistently do.
  6. Identify your support network: We understand that any significant change must have a strong support network. Therefore we recommend finding individuals (spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, other family members, or even friends). Whoever you enlist to hold you accountable make sure they don’t mind asking the difficult questions and, they are someone you will be open and honest with.

One final word of advice. As with any endeavor you will get out what you put into any process. While we hope that you find great information here on the Weight loss truth or any of our recommended partners, information is still just information. It does not become powerful and effective until you apply what you are given into actionable items. Makes sense doesn’t it? So get started towards the path of becoming the best you possible. Thank you so much for visiting The Weight Loss Truth all the best in your weight loss journey!

Here’s to your Happy Healthy Living

Anthony & Terry (eXcelznLife)


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